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Nike Presto React Tropical Drinks CJ4982-317



Evaluation, upright a check Review by Vernoniteno
Radio national axing rumours alarm brown-and-black community


The axing of Fairfax's national axing front page is not going down well with many in the national community of Australian Capital Territory.

The site had been listed for sale by US-based firm The Chronicle Group, which bought it from Fairfax from billionaire Robert Harvey.

"It just made too much sense for one day," said Mr Warren, who lives on the northern outskirts of Townsville.

"<We>would have liked] a more regional Australian type front page — that would be a wonderful thing and this is a wonderful site in rural Australia."

The local paper was last shown on Fairfax's website in 1995 when the last page was published after the death of prime minister Paul Keating.

The paper lost money in 1995, going into administration in 1998.

When it went out of business, its front page was no longer updated.

When contacted by the ABC, Fairfax declined to comment.

"It's been a long time since we have been back in a national magazine format," said Mr Warren.

"I understand that we're not going to be back as an Australian paper, but a little of every sort of media and every form of publication in Australia is going to be in a national format as we've got a growing number of sites in regional areas."

He said many people still saw the paper as a local product, and he understood why it took such a long time to get back on.

It's really interesting to sit by the pool and watch them run the national front page and they're very proud of the people they represent in this area, <but> for them it's only going to be as a local project

Local journalist John Biddle

"If you put it in the digital age, it's going to be an easier sale," he said.

"It's really interesting to sit by the pool and watch them run the national front page and they're very proud of the people they represent in this area, <but> for them it's only going to be as a local project."

John Biddle with the local newspaper's board and general manager was shocked to hear the paper would go out of print.

"The main thing is, they would be doing a major Australian public relations coup for the company," he said.

The Chronicle Group also sold the local paper's local content and it's going live on Facebook.

The ABC asked The Chronicle Group about the axing.

Foundation has not yet issued statement

The Commonwealth Foundation, which sponsors The Chronicle Group, said it had no comment to make.

The Herald understands the Foundation is trying to work wit
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Howard meets with afghanistan pm's on tuesday, and he says there's a need for the PM to talk to us on this because we'll see the reaction

11 Jan 12 'The British people deserve to know who is in charge' - PM on tuesday

Theresa May makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan, and met with PM Manmohan Singh in the US.

Theresa May met with PM Singh on Monday morning in Washington DC to discuss developments of the Afghan situation.

She said: 'The British people deserve to know who is in charge of what is happening in Afghanistan.'

'I have to emphasise that I know that the British public want an Afghan president who will lead our country in a way that the British public are happy with,' she added.

She said PM Singh is 'enthusiastic' but acknowledged that his commitment to peace was limited.

Meanwhile on the US election trail, Barack Obama took to the campaign trail on Monday for a third straight day campaigning in Ohio - again in an effort to expand his appeal with women voters and ethnic minority voters.

But Mr Obama was criticised by Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders after his latest comments about his opponent, Donald Trump, to Fox News Sunday.

Hillary Clinton has also blamed Mr Trump for his latest bad behaviour, saying: 'I just don't see this as an excuse for his disgusting speech this weekend.'

'That's why you're out here fighting for women, and Latinos, and African Americans, and people across the whole spectrum who don't want bigotry. No reason to back down,' she added.

And while Donald Trump has not gone to bat for Clinton on the campaign trail so far, his wife Melania, his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, have.

They have played prominent roles in Mrs Clinton's campaign, speaking at events and providing staff to her campaign.

Mrs Clinton's campaign chairman said yesterday that the Republican is not just unhinged, but that his recent comments are reflective of the 'racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant rhetoric' that the party will be putting out.

Her campaign has called for him to apologise before his party's convention in July, and said she should say: 'You cannot slander this country's founding principles and your own candidate.'

Donald Trump has been widely criticised for his comments to Fox News last month, in which he argued the United States and the UK should be united and talk of an end to immigration. Mr Trump accused Mrs Clinton of being a'strong protectionist'

A spokesman for Mrs Clinton said she was 'thrilled' her husband had spoken out on the US elections, and added that (Indsendt den 26/05/2020)

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